A & J Mixing

Why mix in one minute?

1. Accuracy - the speed of mixing overcomes segregation for higher accuracy to Cv. 5%.
2. Small systems, high production, lower cost per ton, and are PREDICTABLE, REPEATBLE, and RELIABLE - See Our Value Package.

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PHLAUER™ mixers are not a knock-off of some other design. They were developed specifically using an old principle in a new way that produces fantastic results, predictable, repeatable, reliable. Our Shearmakers were designed to develop color in non-abrasive materials in a predictable time. [read more]

"Their system has given us the edge in the marketplace because the quality of our products, bar none, is better than any other cement toll processor's; others can't compete with us because we can produce large volumes of high-quality products at a low cost."

Billy-Joe Lovett, Division Manager,
The Scruggs Company