What Separates A&J Mixing’s PHLAUER Coater From The Competition?

It is crucial that you know everything about your project and have all of the details  in order to make the right decision from our selection of PHLAUER coater, mixers, and agitators. Please refer to our project guide and request a demonstration of our products before making your next purchase.

  • A&J Mixing’s unique approach begins by weighing pellets in the mixer, and usually weighing all liquids.
  • Our own patented design of rotors, and proprietary discharge system. Eliminates a useless hopper underneath and reduces the size of vacuum pumps required.
  • A&J PHLAUER Mixers provide predictable, repeatable, and dependable results. Designed specifically for performance, ease of installation. Meets ASME code for external pressure vessels and any size can be made.
  • PHLAUER Coaters are the only design with hinged and clamped side doors for easy cleaning; bolt-on doors to clean discharge.
  • Always draws vacuum. When vacuum is leaking, the computer will flag it.
  • Does not leak oil.
  • Does not break pellets. This takes design and control of manufacturing to accomplish. .
  • Dusting is reduced by only running while coating and discharging. Suggest pellets be conditioned in the screener above.
  • Less vertical height required. Space savings.
  • We use vacuum slide gate valves, good for millions of cycles, no instant failures, sealing adjustable, repair kits available. .
  • Experience. Over 175 mixers sold; six in vacuum services for fish and pet food; six in vacuum service for conveying.
  • Exclusive use of mechanical design and programming to be able to end each production run and properly finish all the product without an abort.

At A&J Mixing, we pride ourselves in providing the most complete information on industrial mixing, agitating, and coating. If you have any questions or would like a demo of any of our PHLAUER products, feel free to Contact us!