New Project? Start Here.

First, find out as much as you can about the application you’ll be mixing for. Be prepared to supply the following to your chosen vendors, and be prepared for questions that may be more specific.

  1. What is your product, particle sizes, weights per cu. ft. or per litre dry pellet weight. Provide a production profile: % volume less than 5% liquid addition; % volume 5-10%; % volume 10-20%; % volume over 20%. Maximum liquid.
  2. Any unusual characteristics such as shape?
  3.  Number of liquids, temperature, viscosity, percent of the finish product. (We know more about applying liquids than any other vendor.)
  4. Are you coating now? Which type of machine? What are the problems you want to overcome: quality, repeatability, reliability, volume?
  5. How many tonnes per hour dry pellet weight do you produce?
  6. What will the mixer discharge to?
  7. Do you have a budget? How did you determine the amount? .
  8.  Any restrictions such as aisle, building space, door sizes. .
  9.  What do you need from your vendor? System layout, controls, hoppers, etc. If you are in a tight space, do you need modeling? We do this with Solid Works. Start-up assistance. Performance guarantees.
  10. Any specifications to be met such as CE?
  11.  Material of construction: Carbon or Stainless Contact. .
  12. When can you place orders, and when do you want to be operating?

Be prepared to work with your vendor. “Team” jobs always work out better for both parties. Questions? Submit the form below: