Electrical Control

All mixers have air piped and machine devices wired to a junction box (JB), NEMA 12 unless otherwise specified. A Functional Description and JB schematic are supplied.

The Functional Description lists the devices and the signal as Normally Open or Normally Closed and what the signal is to indicate. If we are just supplying the machine, this information will be at the end of your Manufacturing Specification in the Maintenance Manual. If we are doing other than a Manual Control system, we will prepare the document for your review.

A control system should be capable of operating the equipment as it is designed and provide the information you need. For example, an amp meter can tell you that you are operating within the rated amps, and if it changes drastically, maintenance may be due. An hour meter tells you how many hours the machine has operated and takes the guess work out of servicing your gearbox.

One of the reasons that you should buy from us it that we have an established quality specification and a relationship with the same panel builders for many years that we know are reliable and will produce an appropriate quality at competitive pricing. It is always possible to buy for less, but we found it is also very easy to use components not readily available, so if there is a breakdown, parts are not next door.

We will also check all the details and make sure the Functional Description is being followed, whether it be manual or an automated system.

Operating Screen for computer
based batching System

The degree of sophistication can be any level from manual to PLC automated majors only, or computer-based batching system to control all the ingredients giving production reports and interfacing with MRP systems. These systems will control all the equipment in the batching system. The computer-based system has a maintenance contract available at a nominal fee. Several technicians monitor your “system doctor” during day shift, and telephone and online support is availabe 24/7.

On start-up, we supply a mechanical man free for one week to check the installation and assist with checking the I/O. An electronics technician is supplied at the prevailing rate. This is available all over the world.

Many of our systems use scales and we are an OEM buyer of scale equipment. If scale indicator programming is required, we have the ability in-house.

The PHLAUER™ mixers have balanced flow and are smooth. Many of them are on load cells, and one customer weighs a major ingredient without turning the mixer off.

Because of our speed of mixing and therefore cycling, the control designer has to be very aware of the starts per hour of the motors. All the motors we supply at lower horsepowers will take the starts across the lines. On bigger motors we prefer to use a soft start. If you specify the motors, be aware of the starts allowed under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Computer based Hand-Add module
with floor scale for micros

A variable frequency drive on the PHLAUER™ mixer drive is a poor investment. When all the particles are in motion, there is a critical speed at which all the particles will follow the rotor and void creation stops. We are below that speed. If you run slower, you are not going to get the volume of void creation per minute that we are designed for, and mixing quality and times are non-predictable. The only advantages of a VFD would be in lieu of a soft start to do more starts per hour, or run the rotor slower on discharge to remove air and slow the flow to the next device.

Safety and cleaning also have to be considered in the control system. You will notice that our “standard” is to use a dual solenoid on the discharge that causes the discharge to travel to the last position energized and stop. The reason for this is so you can open the discharge, lock out power and air, and the door remains open for sweeping out.

All hinged access doors must have switches for safety, and it must be designed into the circuit such that if the motor is stopped, it will not start; if it is running it will stop, and it cannot restart from the closing of the access. This is an OSHA requirement, and the re-starting is often overlooked.

Food grade Stainless NEMA 4X Manual Panel

We have the experience and ability to functionally design the system and check the electrical engineering and the programming to make sure that when we get to the field that the start up will be as short as possible. Some systems we can set up in the shop and check the program before going to the field.

We bridge the gap between process and the programmers. This is doubly important in the field. Invariably there are program changes at start up and this is where some one (us) has to be looking at the effect of the change on the total system and make sure it is done properly so you don’t wind up with convoluted software to solve a mechanical problem.

Our people have had extensive experience with controls, and we would be pleased to supply references. Contact us.